"Discover How A Florida Real Estate Agent Went From Broke To BPO REO Superstar And How You Can Too"

Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

Robb Krzyston BPO Agent Training

Back in 2005 I was a struggling Realtor. I had just gotten married and had three kids to support. I was flat broke, in major debt, all my credit cards were maxed out, and my car was on its last leg.

My family was constantly shouting at me to “Get out of the real estate business!”

Today I run several very successful businesses as well as a completely auto-pilot BPO business. I’ve been involved in over $300,000 worth of BPOs and over 200 REO transactions totaling over $250,000.

But it wasn’t always like that.

So what changed?

First, before I get to that, I just want to say if you are going through a tough time right now yourself, I understand. I’ve been there myself, and I know how hard it is.

But, I also know that there’s so much hope for you!

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how low you go, there is a bottom…and the faster you hit bottom, the faster you’ll start rising back to the top.

I know this because I did it myself!

This is a great time to reinvent yourself and make yourself smarter, better, and sharper than you have ever been. You should focus on getting healthy and happy and doing the things you love and surrounding yourself with positive people, and before you know it you’ll be back on top.

Every problem, no matter how bad it is, ALWAYS has a solution.

How do I know this? Because I am living proof.

So what changed for me?

Right at the same time that everything was falling apart worst for me, I met a gentleman who had just purchased 2 REO properties, and I realized that all of the REO properties in my county were listed by pretty much the same five agents – and these agents each had 50-200 REO listings. The time these properties would spend on the market was usually less than 90 days.

It was then that I realized REOs were where I needed to be. So I called all 5 REO agents and asked them, “How do I get these REO listings?”

I dont know if you have ever tried this, but if you have, you’ve already heard the answers:

“Well, you have to know people at the bank.”


“I can’t give you my secrets.”

Every person I called fed me the same answers. Slowly losing hope as I was nearing the end of my list of people, I finally made it to a kind older realtor named Fran, who was getting ready to retire. She said to me, “Robb the key to getting REO listings is by completing BPOs.”

So, naturally, my next question was, “How do I complete BPOs?”

“You have to register with the service companies.”

Even though it wasn’t much, I was very happy because at least now I had direction.

My New Direction

As soon as I got off the phone, I immediately began searching the internet for anything I could find about BPOs, and came across a home study course that promised to teach the entire process of how to become a BPO agent, and even how to complete the BPOs themselves.

In a simple world, I would have bought it right then and there.

However, because I had already purchased so many real estate courses, I had to sweet talk my wife for two whole weeks to convince her to allow me to spend $75 on yet another real estate home study course.

No joke! It took me an entire two weeks!

As soon as I got the course, I immediately read it and followed the instructions. To my wife’s amazement, I starting receiving BPOs within my first week (today I receive as many as 6 in a single day)!


For the next weeks and months, I diligently followed everything I learned from the course and continued completing BPO after BPO, and then the most magical thing happened, ever…

I started getting checks in the mail!

Fueled by the excitement of finally getting paid (what a concept!), I pushed even harder and the checks kept getting bigger and bigger.

In fact, I started becoming so successful with BPOs that I actually caught the attention of the creator of the course himself, a man by the name of Anthony Aires. Anthony had been a real estate broker in Florida and Massachusetts for many years before creating that course, and we met in person several times to discuss what I was doing with the course and the success I was having in my own real estate business. Over time, Anthony and I became friends, and he helped personally mentor me under the condition that I would one day “pay it forward.”

I graciously accepted that offer, because, to this very day, I can honestly say that course was the best investment I have ever made in any of my businesses.

So much so, in fact, that when Anthony decided he wanted to switch his focus away from real estate and on to internet marketing, I actually bought the rights to the course from him – so that I could continue to help Realtors in situations just like I was in.

What that means is that the very same course that turned it all around for me several years ago is also available to you today!


Product Review – Angela Donahue

“Packed With Information…”

I really didn’t know where to start. As a new agent, I didn’t have a clue how to get BPO work. The REO Kit was easy on the eyes – meaning the average Joe could figure it out. AND it was packed with so much information! Thanks and be blessed.

Angela Donahue
Real Estate Agent

This Customer Review
4 out of 5 Stars


Of course, I’ve made some additions and updates based on my own experience!

Today, when you invest in the REO Kit, you’ll get a complete arsenal of BPO and REO training materials to get you completing BPOs and listing REO properties as quickly and easily as possible.


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So What’s Included?

Here’s just a brief overview of everything you’re about to get access to:

BPO REO Handbook

Get On The Fast Track To Making Money (Value $27)!

  • Easily Follow Along With The BPO Quick Start Video
  • Available in PDF So You Can Easily Print It Out
  • Includes Completed Sample BPO For Easy Learning.
  • Get Paid To Learn The Inventory In Your Market.
  • Know Which Homes Will Be Going Into Foreclosure Before Anyone In Your Market.

BPO Quick Start DVD

Watch This Video And Start Making Money (Value $97)!

  • Get The Headstart You Need By Watching The Quick Start Video
  • How To Get The Most BPO’s and Keep Them Coming
  • How To Improve The Quality Of Your Broker Price Opinions.
  • Learn The Secret To Get The Broker Price Opinion’s That Pay The MOST Money.
  • Learn How To Avoid Getting Your Broker Price Opinions Rejected.

Top-Secret BPO Confessions DVD

Watch me personally complete a BPO and explain the entire process ON VIDEO from start to finish! (Value $97)!

  • See The Exact Process Involved In Completing A BPO From Start To Finish
  • Watch Me Evaluate The House And Take The Pictures So You Know Exactly How It’s Done
  • Learn Insider Secrets I Reveal While Walking You Through The BPO Process
  • Discover The Techniques I Use To Make The BPO Process As Painless As Possible

BPO REO 400 Bank List

The Big Kahuna BPO Bank List (Value $197)!

  • 400 BPO and Bank REO Contacts
  • Includes Direct Active Links To The BPO Bank Websites.
  • Each Contact Is Categorized by Class.
  • Includes Fast Start BPO Bank List on Seperate Sheet (You Want To Start Here For The Fast Money)
  • Contact Information Includes Web Address, Phone, and Email Address.

List Bank Property

Become an REO Rainmaker (Value $67)!

  • Learn The Step by Step Secrets To Getting The Bank Listings
  • Get Simple Tips To Getting Repeat Business From The Banks.
  • Includes REO Asset Manager Prospecting Script.
  • Includes The Most Wanted Video: “Getting The Bank Listings” And The One Secret Tactic To Getting Your Foot In The Door.
  • Learn The Best Places To Network With Industry Professionals.

List Short Sale Property

Don’t Turn Your Back On Short Sales (Value $67)!

  • How To Get Pre-Foreclosure Leads You Can List
  • Learn How To Prepare Your Short Sale Package For Approval.
  • How To Keep The Listing After The Bank Forecloses.
  • Learn The Best Free Place To Get Your Buyer Leads.
  • How To Easily Dominate Your Short Sale Marketplace.


Get It Right Fast and Easy The First Time (Value $97)!

  • Easily Figure Interior Damage With The Interior BEstimator Form
  • Easily Figure Exterior Damage With The Exterior BEstimator Form.
  • BPO REO Industry Follow Up Contact Form.
  • Complete BPO’s Super Fast With The BPO Entry Translator Form.
  • Track All Your BPO’s and Money Owed To You With The BPO Deal Calculator.

5 Steps To Fast Success

Make It Happen Fast And Easy (Value $17)!

  • Breaks Down The 5 Simple Steps To Fast Success
  • Learn the Easy Follow Up System for Success
  • Get Organized The Right Way So You Can Get Started Faster and Succeed Faster

BPO REO Tips, Tricks & Loopholes

Extra Loophooles Nobody Tells You (Value $97)!

  • Learn An Easy Way To Get A Bigger Deduction On Your Taxes Because Of Your New BPO REO Business
  • Learn the Rules To Avoid Costly Mistakes.
  • Learn What NOT TO DO So You Don’t Get Blacklisted.
  • Learn What Pictures Can Get Your BPO Declined.
  • Learn The Cell Phone Trick That Gets You The Big Pay Day BPO’s and REO Listings.

That’s a total combined value of over $1,200!

*Note: These courses are in digital format and the images you see above are just a representation of the course and not actual physical DVD’s, CD’s, or  books.  You will be getting instant Digital Access emailed to you for all of the above courses.


Product Review – Steve Nieroda

“$500 Per Week Just From One Company…”

“I get 10 orders from one of the companies every single week. That’s $500 per week just from one company. That’s what I call a return on investment!!!”

Steve Nieroda
Exit 1st Class Realty
Melbourne, FL

This Customer Review
5 out of 5 Stars


 Get Instant Digital Access For Only $47


Plus, when you order today, I’ll also give you access to over $3,000 worth of bonus training courses, products, books and other resources that I have personally found helpful as a real estate agent and know will help you too, including…

Front Row Seat To Marshall Sylver’s “Take Action Now” Millionaire Maker Lecture Live On Video!

When you now watch this video, you will learn:

  • The Three Skills to Create Anything
  • The Power of Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Irresistible Influence
  • How to Sell Anybody Anything
  • The Fastest Way to Change Any Habit
  • PND: Psycho Neuro Duplication
  • How to Avoid the Recession

“This program will change what you believe to be true and change the reality of your world. After taking action with the knowledge contained here, you will never again be able to live the life you’ve been living. You will be transformed into the unstoppable human being you truly are.” – Marshall Sylver

REO Rockstar: “A Beginner’s Guide To Stealing Houses Straight From The Banks!”

  • Learn How To Flip REO Properties
  • Learn How To Assign REO Property Contracts To Other Buyers For A Profit
  • Learn How to Weasle Your Way Out Of A Contract and Get Your Escrow Back
  • Learn How To Buy REO’s That Investors Want
  • Learn How Lee Kerney REO Rockstar Flips 15-20 REO Houses Per Month

As well as:

Including the bonuses, that’s a total combined value of
OVER $4,200!


My 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

I completely guarantee your satisfaction. Not for 7 days. Not for 14 days. Not for 30 days, Not even for 45 days. I guarantee your satisfaction for an entire 60 days!

Let me be more specific. Here’s my 60-Day Guarantee…

I personally guarantee your satisfaction right down to the 60th day after you invest in the REO Kit!

That’s a whole year! Here’s how it works…

Become a member of the REO Kit today and watch every video, read every article, access any of the resources and download every bonus… Right down to the very last day.

If at any time during those first 60 Days you’re NOT completely convinced REO Kit is worth the price of your investment many times over, I want you to ask for your money back.

I’ll refund you the entire investment you paid for REO Kit during your first 60 Days, on the spot. Fair enough?


So now you have to make a choice.

You must choose to believe in yourself, just like I did all the way back in 2005…

Look at me now!  Imagine where you will be in 6 weeks, or 6 months, or 6 years!

So here is your choice…

You can either keep doing what you are doing and stay where you are, or you can decide that today is the day you change it all forever.

You can continue to look for all the garbage BPO REO information out there that will get you nowhere but broke and confused, or you can make the choice to win with a proven system with real proof and real results.

Choose to invest in yourself and your future today, because you’re worth it.

Change starts right here, right now, from making a simple decision just like this one.  Decide right now that you are going to give yourself the training and mentoring you need to become a successful BPO REO agent.

Click the button below and get started today.  You will get sent a login to my members area instantly via email, so you can literally begin just minutes from now.  There is no reason to wait.  Make today your day.


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I look forward to seeing you succeed as a BPO REO agent, and it will be my pleasure to mentor you just as my mentor coached me to success!

Here’s to your future success as a BPO REO agent!

Your Friend,


Robb Krzyston
Licensed Real Estate Agent
BPO REO Trainer, Teacher & Coach

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